About Back to Back Crafts

"During hard times I went to the shops to buy some wool and found that it was out of my budget. I came home and looked out into my paddock and saw my 500 sheep standing out there, just grazing, So I decided to go out and buy a spinning wheel instead. That was in 1989 and I haven't knitted with commercial wool since!" - Barb

Teaching herself to spin and finding various ways to create special one off items, Barb has become knowledgeable in this specialised craft that is hundreds of years old.

After moving to Neerim South, she saw that most of her neighbours had either sheep or alpacas in their backyards. Thinking back to her early days, Barb decided she would like to show people how to make use of what they have in their backyards by teaching them the art of spinning - passing on the old ways of using wool as it is a calming and relaxing activity that makes you feel good about yourself.

Barb has won many awards and prizes over the years and she loves passing on her expertise and knowledge.


Benefits to spinning are:

  • It requires no power
  • If you have your own animals, it is totally free
  • That feeling of accomplishment once you have finished your garment

So why not join Barb in having the most up to date knitwear that costs nothing except your time and the satisfaction of knowing...

"I made this ALL by myself from Back to Back!"